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Go Maya Belize Adventures

Go Maya Belize Adventures

Go Beyond Mankind – Go Mystic – Go Maya!

Iguana Hatchery W/ Chocolate-Making & Maya Culinary Tour

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*Minimum 2 Adults required to book any tour. 

  • Get hands on with the local Maya women of San Antonio Village in making their staple corn foods. You’ll be overwhelmed with a timeless feeling evoked by their thatched kitchen, smokey fire hart and ancient tortilla-making method

    Starts: 8:30 AM     Ends: 11:30 PM


    Getting There: Your journey will commence as we head out of San Ignacio Town en-route to the San Antonio Women’s group in the Village of San Antonio in Cayo. This is a 45 minute’s drive through the Village of Cristo Rey until arriving at San Antonio Village. The road has been recently paved which makes the trip a lot nicer.

    At the site: The site’s parking lot is located just off the main road in San Antonio Village just in front of the host family’s house. A little gift shop welcomes you but you may want to contain your excitement to buy the priceless souvenirs until after the culinary tour. Once welcomed and settled down, the leader of the women’s group gives you a brief history of their cultural heritage as well as their personal family history. She’ll explain what the culinary tour will cover before we move on into the kitchen area where the fire hart and Metate (grinding stone) awaits us.

    The kitchen is an open thatch-roofed space (made of dried Cohune leaves and bush sticks) reminiscent of a structure from a scene of Mel Gibson’s Apolcalypto Movie. Under its roof there is fire hart made of limestone and sticks, a table with a Metate (ancient grinding stone), a modern “Molino” manual corn grinder, and a dining table with seats.

    The Culinary Experience: How to make corn tortillas the Ancient Mayan way.

    1. The process begins with an explanation of how the corn is prepared and hydrated to get it ready for grinding.
    2. Next, and this is where the fun starts as you get hands-on in the process, place a cup full of hydrated corn on the Metate (a flat, slightly curved grinding stone made of volcanic rock or granite).
    3. Next, you proceed to grinding the corn by pressing a “Mano” (almost cylindrical/ flat-ish stone) to crush the corn into a paste.
    4. An alternative method involves the use of the modern manual corn grinder which is faster and but still strenuous.
    5. The paste is the collected and then molded by dexterous hands into a flat circular shape of about 4 to 5 inches in radius. It is safe to call this a raw tortilla at this point.
    6. The tortilla is then placed on the “Comal” (in essence, a metal griddle) previously heated by the open flames of the fire hart.
    7. Once flipped over and done, the tortilla is then place inside dried pumpkin lined with a cloth to keep it warm.
    8. When all tortillas are done, they’re ready to be served with a half spoon of coconut oil and a pinch of salt. It’s so delicious it’s to die for.

    Another delicacy produced from this corn is the “Atole de Maiz” or Corn porridge. You’ll want to keep asking for more but be polite, you don’t want to seem greedy. Save some space for dinner up ahead.

    Once you feel like you’ve master the art of making tortillas the ancient Mayan way and you’ve gotten your fix of tortilla and porridge treats, its time for an early dinner. The food served is a homemade stewed chicken with corn tortilla or rice (menu options may vary). For dessert, a homemade papaya stew (mind you, its extra sweet).

    Departure: After having your fill, saying your goodbyes, and purchasing your souvenirs, it’s time to head back home after an unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime. We drive back through the villages of San Antonio and Christo Rey and back into San Ignacio, 12:30 PM, just in time for our second adventure of the day.


    Duration: Approx. 2 hours (at the San Antonio Women’s Group)
    Difficulty level: Easy
    What to bring: Bug repellent, cameras, good manners, and an open-minded attitude towards embracing a different culture.
    Provided: Lunch at a local Mayan household, Purified waters.


  • Get up-close with nature at the Green Iguana Conservation Project at the San Ignacio Resort. Bring your camera for some amazing shots with the little critters!

    The Green Iguana Conservation Project is located at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. This effort aims to conserve and care for the endangered Green Iguana species in Belize. International and local visitors are educated via interactive exhibits and programs at the hatchery. Here, you are given the opportunity mingle with these wonderful reptiles and also, learn about the incubation, hatching, rearing, and releasing process

    Starts: 1:00 PM  (After the Maya Culinary Tour)

    Ends: 2:00PM (duration depends on your own pace)


    Getting There: The adventure begins upon arrival in San Ignacio after your previous tour. You’ll drive up to the San Ignacio Resort where the Green Iguana Conservation Project is situated, just up-hill in San Ignacio Town.

    At the site:  Once there, you’ll check in at the hotel’s concierge desk. Their guide will then escort you along a lush jungle trail to the hatchery along with any other visitors that may have been awaiting the next tourThe guide will brief you on the do’s and don’ts then proceed to elaborate on the hatchery’s history, purpose, and efforts. After listening attentively, you will be given the opportunity to get up-close with the Iguanas. The little juvenile ones are extra friendly. The guide will place them over you if you wish to get creative and take some fun pictures. No need to be scared, they’re pretty tame and harmless. You will be given some leaves to feed them, these are native to the jungle where the Iguanas are released once they’re fully mature. Enjoy this amazing and memorable experience!

    Departing: The tour lasts about 1 hour or so. Once you’ve had your fill with these amazing little creatures, you’ll head back up to the resort and make your way out to the parking lot where your driver/ guide will be awaiting to take you on your next adventure.

    Duration: Approx. 1 hour (at the hatchery)
    Difficulty level: Easy
    What to Bring: Lightweight/ fresh clothes, Hiking shoes, Water, Camera with lots of memory and battery.
    Provided: Waters, snacks, lunches.

  • Get hands-on with this fun and delicious organic chocolate-making experience. You’ll get to grind your own cacao seeds from scratch, you’ll be taught how to make chocolate drink and take home your hand-made chocolate bar!


    Starts: 2:30PM           Ends: 3:30 – 4:00PM (duration depends on your own pace)


    Getting There: The adventure begins shortly after your previous Iguana Tour. This tour is also situated within San Ignacio town, just down-hill from your previous tour. Getting there takes less than 10 minutes.

    At the site:  Once there, the friendly and expert AJAW Chocolate team welcomes you and gives you a run-down of what you’ll be experiencing and accomplishing on this tour. You will be given a thorough historical and cultural insight on cacao and its significance in the Mayan world including how the cacao seeds are grown, harvested, and made into organic chocolate. After a short briefing, the fun part begins. You’ll get to take part in the process of breaking down the cacao beans into pure chocolate with the use of the “metate” granite grinding stone.

    You’ll proceed onto making your own organic chocolate paste which you can sample and take with you, this is followed by a variety of chocolate tasting drinks using the product made in front of you. There is also a variety of finished organic chocolate products which you may purchase as souvenirs to take back to your loved ones. This tour is a MUST if you love dark chocolate!

    Departing: This tour lasts about an hour or so. After you’ve had your chocolate fix, you’ll head over to the vehicle where your driver/ guide will be awaiting you to embark on your next adventure.

    Duration: Approx. 1 hour (at chocolate museum)
    Difficulty level: Easy
    What to Bring: Lightweight/ fresh clothes, Hiking shoes, Water, Camera with lots of memory and battery.
    Provided: Waters, snacks, lunches.


  • Minimum 2 Adults required to book any tour. Booking for 1 Adult + 1 Child not valid.

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