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Go Maya Belize Adventures

Go Maya Belize Adventures

Go Beyond Mankind – Go Mystic – Go Maya!

Iguana Hatchery w/ Chocolate-Making & Chechem Ha Cave

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*Minimum 2 Adults required to book any tour. 

  • Get up-close with nature at the Green Iguana Conservation Project at the San Ignacio Resort. Bring your camera for some amazing shots with the little critters!

    The Green Iguana Conservation Project is located at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. This effort aims to conserve and care for the endangered Green Iguana species in Belize. International and local visitors are educated via interactive exhibits and programs at the hatchery. Here, you are given the opportunity mingle with these wonderful reptiles and also, learn about the incubation, hatching, rearing, and releasing process

    Starts: 8:00 – 8:30AM   (depends on your hotel location)

    Ends: 10:00AM (duration depends on your own pace)


    Getting There: The adventure begins with a pick up at your hotel at 8:00 or 8:30AM. You’ll drive up to the San Ignacio Resort where the Green Iguana Conservation Project is situated, just up-hill in San Ignacio Town.

    At the site:  Once there, you’ll check in at the hotel’s concierge desk. Their guide will then escort you along a lush jungle trail to the hatchery along with any other visitors that may have been awaiting the next tourThe guide will brief you on the do’s and don’ts then proceed to elaborate on the hatchery’s history, purpose, and efforts. After listening attentively, you will be given the opportunity to get up-close with the Iguanas. The little juvenile ones are extra friendly. The guide will place them over you if you wish to get creative and take some fun pictures. No need to be scared, they’re pretty tame and harmless. You will be given some leaves to feed them, these are native to the jungle where the Iguanas are released once they’re fully mature. Enjoy this amazing and memorable experience!

    Departing: The tour lasts about an hour or so. Once you’ve had your fill with these amazing little creatures, you’ll head back up to the resort and make your way out to the parking lot where your driver/ guide will be awaiting to take you on your next adventure.

    Duration: Approx. 1 hour (at the hatchery)
    Difficulty level: Easy
    What to Bring: Lightweight/ fresh clothes, Hiking shoes, Water, Camera with lots of memory and battery.
    Provided: Waters, snacks, lunches.

  • Get hands-on with this fun and delicious organic chocolate-making experience. You’ll get to grind your own cacao seeds from scratch, you’ll be taught how to make chocolate drink and take home your hand-made chocolate bar!


    Starts: 10:30AM           Ends: 11:30AM (duration depends on your own pace)


    Getting There: The adventure begins shortly after your previous Iguana Tour. This tour is also situated within San Ignacio town, just down-hill from your previous tour. Getting there takes less than 10 minutes.

    At the site:  Once there, the friendly and expert AJAW Chocolate team welcomes you and gives you a run-down of what you’ll be experiencing and accomplishing on this tour. You will be given a thorough historical and cultural insight on cacao and its significance in the Mayan world including how the cacao seeds are grown, harvested, and made into organic chocolate. After a short briefing, the fun part begins. You’ll get to take part in the process of breaking down the cacao beans into pure chocolate with the use of the “metate” granite grinding stone.

    You’ll proceed onto making your own organic chocolate paste which you can sample and take with you, this is followed by a variety of chocolate tasting drinks using the product made in front of you. There is also a variety of finished organic chocolate products which you may purchase as souvenirs to take back to your loved ones. This tour is a MUST if you love dark chocolate!

    Departing: This tour lasts about an hour or so. After you’ve had your chocolate fix, you’ll head over to the vehicle where your driver/ guide will be awaiting you to embark on your next adventure.

    Duration: Approx. 1 hour (at chocolate museum)
    Difficulty level: Easy
    What to Bring: Lightweight/ fresh clothes, Hiking shoes, Water, Camera with lots of memory and battery.
    Provided: Waters, snacks, lunches.

  • Chechem Ha (Poison Water Cave), is a Mayan Ceremonial Cave, known to be a major tourist destination. It is located 8 miles southeast of Benque at the start of the Maya Mountains of Belize. – Wikipedia

    Chechem Ha Cave consists of a main chamber filled with rocks lined up which is believed to have been used for sacred Mayan rituals dating from the middle preclassic period (900-300BC) to the late classic period (700-850AD). Also, there are many chambers found high up within the cave which contain many large pottery vessels which may have been used to collect ‘pure water’ to be used for their rituals.

    The Cave lies within a private farmland belonging to the Moralez family. One fateful day, Mr. Moralez was out on the field with his sons and dog when they stumbled upon the cave system which would change their lives forever. One story has it that they were out in search of cohune leaves (used for building thatched roofs) when they made the discovery. Another has it that their dog fell into a hole and upon jumping in to rescue him, they found it to be a sacrificial cave.

    They found that the cave lead deeper inside with many broken potteries which the Ancient Maya used in their sacred ceremonies. The Maya believed that these caves were the entrance to Xibalba – the “Underworld” and that it (the underworld) encompassed 9 of the 22 layers of life which made up the world in which they lived. Here, they would leave offerings to their gods (presumably to their rain god Chaac during times of drought), sometimes even in the form of human sacrifices. One astonishing example of this can be seen at the ATM Cave where many human remains lay preserved by natural calcification, one in particular – the Crystal Maiden.

    Today, the site is managed by the Archaeological department of Belize and since the site is within a private property, it can only be accessed through the Moralez Family, accompanied by their resident guide.

    Starts: 1:00PM          Ends: 5:00PM


    Getting There: Your adventure begins around 1:00 PM with an approx. 35 minutes’ drive which leads you through the westernmost Town of Benque Viejo, along the Arenal Road (the road the the Vaca Falls Dam), then onto a cut-off road through farmlands and onto the Moralez’s farm within which the cave system lies.

    At the cave entrance: Upon reaching the Moralez’s farm, you will un-board the vehicle to embark on a 45 minutes hike through the jungle trail that leads to the cave entrance. At the cave entrance, you’ll notice that the mouth of the cave has been decorated with a Maya motif and has been reinforced with metal bars to keep any looters away.

    As you enter the cave you will start to see broken pieces of ancient clay pots and will also notice a change towards a fresher and more moist atmosphere. This cave is not as spectacular in terms of its formations (stalactites & stalagmites) as other caves in Belize, however; what makes this cave truly amazing is the size of the pots left behind by the Maya (some of which were used to collect water seeping through the limestone to use in their rituals), their intactness and their numbers in this cave.

    As you progress deeper into the cave you will come upon ladders that lead to higher chambers within the main cave system. This is where the most impressive Maya relics can be appreciated. It’s amazing how upfront and close you will have these ancient relics, almost at the tip of your finger. However, you are cautioned not to touch any of these relics as they are understandably fragile and priceless.

    Enjoy the enchantment of this Indiana-Jones-like adventure as you explore this wonderful Ancient Maya World, a most worthwhile experience.


    Departure: Upon completion of your tour, you’ll head back through the trail  and back onto the Moralez’s farm where you’ll board the vehicle back through Benque Viejo Town and onto San Ignacio for drop off at your hotel.

    Duration: Approx. 4 hours
    Difficulty level:  Active
    What to Bring: Sneakers with good traction or hiking boots, preferably long trouser pants, hat, camera, water.
    Provided: Waters and snacks.


    • This tour is not recommended for kids under 5 years. This tour is not for persons with disabilities, heart conditions, back or leg problems, or claustrophobia. All guests must be in good physical conditions & able to walk in a jungle setting.


  • Minimum 2 Adults required to book any tour. Booking for 1 Adult + 1 Child not valid.

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