Things to do in Belize: 6 Best Day Tours


Belize is a country absolutely rich in natural splendor and human diversity. It follows suit then, that there’s an absolute ton to do in Belize, enough to fill up weeks of itinerary – impressive as you can get from one side of the country to the next in as little as three hours. The sheer number of micro tours you can embark on is enough to make your head spin, but worry not…


Here are the 6 best day tours around Belize in 2018

  1. Caracol Day Trip

Caracol Maya Site, so named because of the spiral look of the site excavation map was probably the largest single Mayan metropolitan area in Belize – It then spanned 200 square kilometers and had a population of about 150,000 people. Oddly enough, the central temple at Caracol is Still the Tallest Structure in Belize standing above 13 “stories”. Caracol was a long time rival of the sprawling Tikal in Guatemala. At the time of writing, three records of fighting with Tikal have been found, two of which indicate a victory by Caracol.

Today Much of the site remains buried, and the famed achievements only stories translated form a tongue we barely know. Luckily, the site is open to visitors and you too can stand atop the aptly named Caana. Caana translates to Sky Palace and the view, it’s going to blow your mind.

On the way back from Caracol the surrounding Maya Mountain Range and Pine Ridge forest hide wonderful sights such as the Rio Frio cave which is a huge dome structure you can climb around in without a guide. Further down the way are the Rio On Pools. This loving oasis is a stepped river that flows down the mountain with water pooling in carved out rocks as it cascades down.

If you’re really adventurous – which we’re hoping you are, you can visit Big Rock falls. The name speaks for itself but what makes this fall special? Our favorite part is that (if you’re a strong swimmer) you can make it right up under the waterfall. The roar of thee water coupled with the surprisingly gentle spray take you to a place away from the rest of the world.

Definitely one of the best day tours you can take inland.


2. Snorkeling on the reef

If you flew in to Belize we’re sure you saw the teal waters and islands specked across the pale blue and maybe even a few formations that you weren’t sure of. Even if you came by bus Chances are you saw at least a glimpse of sea and you became curious.

Curiosity is the right Sentiment to have felt – Belize is home to the second largest Reef system in the world and the largest, healthiest coral grounds on this side of the world – Yes The World.

The Belize Barrier Reef is home to a massive population of diverse sea life that changes the deeper or further south you go. Few things can hope to compare to the splendour that is the aquatic circus of colors and shapes housed at the reef. If you have a waterproof camera, you need to bring it with you because you’ll regret not recording these sights.

In addition to the reef itself, places like Shark Ray Alley and Hol Chan Marine reserve are must stops for wildlife enthusiasts or anyone who loves new experiences.  

We hope you’re ready for the next awesome Day Trip, it’s one of the best!


3. ATM Cave tour

Actun Tunichil Muknal cave with PACZ Tours of San Ygnacio, Belize Thursday April 16, 2009.

Frequently praised as one of the most astounding things anyone can do in Belize – it’s also something that’s almost exclusive in this region.

The Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave in Western Belize was a ceremonial cave in which the Maya of old performed their religious rituals in order to appease their gods.

The Maya were famously known for their brutal brand of offerings – and while the human kind weren’t the only types of sacrifices that were made. Many times sacrifices of produce and sometimes animals were made much more frequently than popular television would have anyone believe. With that clarification out of the way, Actun Tunichil Muknal is one of the few sites where absolutely conclusive evidence can be found of ritual sacrifice.

Within the cave reside many clay pots used as offerings and one very startling discovery. Dubbed the crystal Maiden, the skeleton of what was once thought to be a young girl lays calcified on the cave floor, possibly the sign of dire times and a weighty sacrifice in order to appease the gods of their pantheon to bring them good fortune.

Why were caves used for these sorts of things by the Maya? They thought of the underworld as a real and very physically present place, a place which the denizens of this underworld exited through the limestone caves that these sacrifices were placed in.


4. Blue Hole Snorkel & Dive

Another One of a kind formation in Belize that you’re unlikely to find in the same shape or form elsewhere is the Great Blue Hole. We agree that perhaps the name isn’t the MOST creative one that could have been given to it – but we guarantee you’ll never confuse it for anything else once you’ve found out what it is.

There’s another in Belize – St. Herman’s Blue Hole, but seriously you can’t confuse these two.

The Great Blue hole is interesting for a number of reasons. First off – It was once a subterranean cave formation. Secondly – it wasn’t always under water. This means that there was a roof, and it was above sea level at some point before the roof collapsed to create what is now the sink. The Blue hole was once a cenote, the type that litter the mayan territories of your neighbors in Mexico, but it’s the only one of that size so far out in the caribbean Sea – Cool right?!

You can fly by tour, hover tour, or even skydive into the Blue Hole. Our favorite though is scuba and snorkel. At 100+ meters deep, the Scuba is an adventure you will never forget as you see the marine life in their natural habitat doing what they do as we pay them a visit.

The Blue hole will be on the top of every best day tour list forever in Belize.


5. Zip Lining & Cave Tubing

Earlier we told you about “micro-activities” and you were probably curious as to what that meant. We made the term up, cool huh? But really all it means is activities that won’t take you all day but can combine to make your day far beyond worth it.

Combining activities can certainly make your days in Belize feel more fulfilling because you get to experience different things and adds a dynamic to your day. One of our favorite things to do at Go Maya is to Zip Line and Cave tube. While these two activities can be done independently it’s so much cooler to do them together.

Picture it – one moment you’re soaring along the jungle canopy, wind rushing past your ears and adrenaline making your heart pump faster than you’ve felt it do in a while. Followed then by an awesome Belizean lunch and off to water activities. A relaxing inflatable tube ride down the river, around bends, through caves and shallow rivers. The cool water relaxing you as it meanders by.

Need we say much more? On to the next one!


6. Day Sailing Cruise

There are many ways to see a place, buses, trains, cars, planes, Helicopters even. Some can even be seen by boat, and ooooh those views by boat.

Belize has over 300 islands and atolls some of which are inhabited, most of them aren’t, well not by people at least. You can go on a day boat cruise or a sailing cruise, but whichever one you choose you’re just about guaranteed an astoundingly good time.

Local boat captains are familiar with all the best spots for sea parties, swimming, fishing, docking, private beaches – whatever is on your mind, we’d bet they know of a place it can be found so go ahead and ask!

Have you been on any of these day tours around Belize? Which do you think is the Best Day Tour? Let us know in the comments!

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